Adam White - Artist

I make giant experimental, innovative watercolours. On rare occasions I’ve been driven to be a reluctant sculptor. 

I try to sieve contemporary themes through archaeology, evolution, paleontology, mineralogy and aesthetics.

I’m very curious about the way morality and aesthetics can collide. Sometimes I’m searching for a hex zone between science and religion or the moment in the Enlightenment where both views were held to be true. 

The ‘artworks’ that most inspire me are over 15,000 years old.

I draw from the past to define the present in sharp relief.            

SVA show

Ichthyosaurus communis   Medium: Fossil Ichthyosaur

Ichthyosaur gathered from the lower lias in Gloucestershire by Adam White

"The Palaeontologist & Petrifactioneer sometimes mutter to themselves. To my wayward mind, nothing seems more important than searching for Jurassic bones ripped from the shale on a freezing windswept muddy shore and the arcane knowledge revealed to a mind adrift in solitude. It’s  just like any search for new scientific knowledge, unclimbable mountain or gargantuan brain-sucking artwork - you are it’s possession."   

Through the Bodies of Beasts (Watercolour 240 x 165cm)

This artwork aims to be a celebratory prayer to evolution - one spirit pervades all. The hand is the flipper and the wing, in this scientific totem pole. “Dear evolution, please evolve more quickly for us.” We see ourselves 'Through the Bodies of Beasts'

Stroud Museum