For Evolution's Sake

Design For a New God 

Watercolour 240 x 165cm

Project : For Evolution's Sake

Reconstructing Archaeopteryx

Watercolour 120 x 240

 A fossilized myth perchance discovered between sheets of Solnhofen Jurassic limestone - in this Archaeopteryx styled pose.

As a textbook example of evolution this intermediate bird/reptile fossil can provoke people who hold their religion closer than the facts. I painted this image in a church.

The fossilised ‘angels’ chorus cheerily sings evolution's quilled death-rattle call.


The March



Is everything getting better? Not really, it’s just the abberative logic linking 'progress' with evolution. This work is a parody of 19/20th century scientific racism with it’s self-regarding claims about 'ideal' euro-skewed facial angles and cranial capacities.

A Darwinian phrase. The selective breeding of goldfish can produce extremely beautiful aesthetic deformities. In these works I'm considering how our god-like aesthetic judgement is inflicted on all our creations.