Review: The View Gallery

Review:  View Gallery Exhibition, Bristol

“Possibly my favourite works on display were by Adam White. Hanging on the back wall of the main room upstairs is a large painting of what looks like a cross-between a fish and a machine. To the right of this is a photo of a still-life set up that Adam has presumably constructed, so what is interesting is that despite the painting being very much of the surreal mode, it has in fact been painted from life!

Perhaps the best piece of the whole exhibition though is another large piece of Adam’s which dominates the wall leading down to the lower section of the gallery. 'Animal Experiments' is painted in soft colours, looking almost like a shroud. It is quite complex, but the central theme, as portrayed by the title, is pretty stark. A human form is depicted, wired up to machines as if it is the animals after all doing the experimentation. Very striking, it has a real impact and gets the old grey matter working.”