The Geology of Truth

The Geology of Truth :

Hammer/ Signal/ Out-Manoeuvre or Rock and Self-Mining for the Uninitiated

Mediums: Resin, rock, metal ,tree resin, fossils, honey, blood etc.

The artist has used resin casts of his own trusted geological hammer to mine any buried modern mythologies.

The text by the side of each geological hammer has an authorial voice that always maintains a pure and good intention, although the suggestions provided may be unpractical and very unhelpful indeed - “The body of the hammer may be broken but the head still works."

Scattered amongst the general blurbations and gutter-sniping, don't trust the authorial voice to tell you facts, the truth from here on in is all too oblique.

A Geologist’s Cross 

60 x 25 cm

Carved prismatic resin,

An empty hammer chamber,

Amber nautilus,

Belemnite nails

75 x 30 x 8cm