Article: Mer de Glace

'Mer de Glace' watercolour 120 x 120cm 1998

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Work by artist Adam White was recently selected for the Bankside Gallery, London.

The painting of a doll’s head in a mirror box touches on themes of cloning through the use of multiple reflections. The exhibition included works by artists such as Bridget Riley, Richard Long and David Hockney.

"The experience of exhibiting at a major gallery was a great boost to my confidence and I’d love to do it again. The painting was technically very challenging and too me two months to complete.”

"I set up this installation still life in the studio. I’m casting myself as artist masquerading as scientist. It’s a simple idea about cloning; the Mer de Glace is a glacier I saw in the French alps, it’s also where Dr Frankenstein first met the creature. I’m using the ice as a metaphor for the cold white light of science, which I’m partially in favour of.

Spending two months with your head buried in a mirror lined box is not good for your mental health, please don’t try this at home, although it feels more real than modern life."